What We Do

Club Member Interests.

Club members have held their licences for times varying from well over 40 years to under 40 days and encouragement is given to all those that want to progress.  Member experience levels range from those still in full time education to professionally qualified Chartered Engineers.  All members are encouraged to draw on the collective experience of the other members of the Society as even the most experienced can come up against real stumbling blocks that they need help of others to overcome. It is very sad when newly qualified amateurs give up the pastime because they feel unsupported and we try very hard to ensure that this does not happen to our Members.

The interests of our Club members varies enormously as would be expected for a pastime that covers such a wide range of disciplines.  Some Members like to talk to friends locally on Nets and set up and operate special event stations.  Others try to use the whole radio spectrum available from HF to UHF for DX (long distance) operating, undertake Award certificate collecting, concentrate on Contest or QRP (low power) operation or portable working.  Yet others like to deploy specialist ex-Military Radio equipment, or develop niche operating techniques in areas such as Earth – Moon – Earth (EME) and Sporadic-E/Meteor Scatter operating.

Members may focus principally on one transmission mode like Morse (CW, Continuous Wave) whilst others want to try as many modes as possible from older modes like AM and CW, through to RTTY/PSK and using ultra-modern digital communication modes that require the complex integration of radio and computer systems such as to FT8/FT4/Q65.

The Society will always try to support its members and is keen to see new areas being introduced by incoming members.