West Kent ARS QRP2: Staycation Summer Award

The text below is excerpted from the award rules PDF which also contains details of the scoring schedule and information / links on the locator system. We also have the Excel spreadsheet for calculating your scores for submission.


  1. The WKARS QRP Award is for operators using low power equipment, particularly Foundation Licence holders. The scoring encourages contacts with as many stations as possible, across as many bands as possible, over the greatest distances possible. Distance isn’t everything; the enthusiastic operator who makes lots of nearby contacts can build a good score.
  2. Sections. The award has three sections, all with the same rules. Each section is restricted to two-way contacts using analogue modes, with an RF output from the radio of no more than 10 watts. Section One is for FM and AM; Section Two is for SSB; Section Three is for CW. Any frequency band or combination of bands for which the operator is licensed may be used.
  3. Objective. The award for each section will be for the highest score achieved between 0001 hours on 1 August 2021 and 2359 hours on 31 September 2021. Scoring is defined in Rule 5 below. All contacts must be made from locator square JO01.
  4. A qualifying QSO is a unique combination of callsign, band, and section. So several QSOs with a single distant station can count if each is on a different band, or in a different section, or both. For example, M7XXX contacts G6YYY in IO91 on 2m SSB, and scores 25 points. He then contacts G6YYY on 70 cm and 40m SSB, and gains a further 50 points.
  5. Scoring. Each qualifying QSO attracts a score based on the locator of the contact, or the locator of the repeater used for the QSO. For European QSOs, the score is based on 4- character locator squares. Outside Europe, it uses the larger 2-character locator fields. The scoring table (page 2) shows the squares and fields and their scores. Put simply, within six squares of JO01, it uses 4-character squares. Further out, 2-character fields are used.
  6. Locators or fields for each QSO should be gleaned from the distant station or determined by using the maps or web based tools shown in the schedule.
  7. Entry forms: Entries (one for each section entered) must be made in one of three ways:
    1. using the form at page 4;
    2. using the Excel based entry form from mike.granatt@blueyonder.co.uk which calculates scores automatically;
    3. or using an equivalent format showing the same information in the same order.

    NB: the spreadsheet’s functions can be used to reorder log entries. It can be very helpful to reorder the callsign column to group together all QSOs with each station.

  8. If using a manual entry form, the operator must write the total sheet score on each sheet, and provide the overall total on the final sheet.
  9. Deadline: All entries must be sent to mike.granatt@blueyonder.co.uk headed WKARS QRP ENTRY, no later than 8 October 2021. If posting, your entry must arrive no later then than 8 October. This is so that an announcement of the winning entries can be made at the meeting scheduled for Monday, 11 October. If an entrant wishes to submit entries by post, then Mike’s address can be found in the yearbook or on qrz.com or can be requested from him.