VHF Contests and Results

There are a number of VHF Contests that happen during the month that club members can participate in to bring points to the club. You do not require to be a member of the RSGB to participate in most of these competitions. The main competition is the United Kingdom Activity Contests (UKAC) and happens on the below bands. This runs from January to December.

2 Meters – This typically happens on the first Tuesday of the month and contributes to the UKAC score for West Kent.

70cms – This is is typically in the second Tuesday of the month and again contributes to the West Kent UKAC score.

There are other contests operating on 6 Meters, 4 meters and 23cms.

In addition to the monthly competitions there are one off competitions that happen during the summer for specific bands and members can operate a full contest setup on behalf of the club.

There are also mini series that happen throughout the year to give a final point tally as well. These are the VHF Championships and AFS Super League.

Contest Results


Below are the rankings of the club through the various UKAC competitions by month contributed by members of the club.This does not require RSGB membership in order to take part.

Previous Year’s Positions

YearCategory70cm (440Mhz)2Mtr (144 Mhz)4Mtr (70 Mhz)6Mtr (50Mhz) Overall UKAC
2021Local Club23rd15th21st16th 23rd

Current Position by Month

70cm (440 Mhz)27242323
2Mtr (144 Mhz)12111414
4Mtr (70 Mhz)181818
6Mtr (50 Mhz)171111
Overal UKAC 19

VHF Championship

These contests are a combination of club competitons and an opportunity to work from your shack by individual club members, but contributing to the club’s overall position.

March 144/432 Mhz 2022Sat 5th / Sun 6th March 2022
432 Trophy Contest Saturday 7th May
144Mhz May Contest21st/ 22nd May
50MHz Trophy Contest18th/19th June
144 Mhz Trophy ContestSat 3rd / Sun 4th Sept
Overall Result

AFS Super League

This competition is combined with some HF Contests to give an overal club AFS score. Any member is encouraged to take part to improve the club’s position in the overall AFS score.

70 Mhz AFS ContestSunday 19th September 202116th
50 Mhz AFS ContestSunday 17th September 20219th
144 Mhz AFS Sunday 5th December 202113th
432 Mhz AFS Sunday 6th February 202226th
Overall Result 8th

The RSGB’s contest page is below for the specific contest rules and times.


Any other members wishing to take part are more than welcome and should contact Ray – G4FFY if you have any questions on the contests or refer to the website below for more information.