Training for the Amateur Radio Licence.
The society periodically runs training courses for aspiring radio amateurs. We can point those wishing to gain their licence more immediately at alternative routes if no West Kent ARS training course is running soon enough. 

We have a successful track record for helping individuals gain or upgrade their licences. Further details about our training program can be obtained by emailing the club at .

The West Kent ARS provides training courses at registered centres for each of the levels; Foundation, Intermediate and Full for those candidates wanting to study for an amateur radio licence. Currently all exams are online only, and are conducted through the RSGB under remote invigilation

Current time table details regarding training for each of the licence levels can be found through the next training course link below. However, if you have a query regarding training or the exam program you should email for further information or clarification.

South East Tutors.
West Kent ARS is a member of the South East Tutors training group, which co-ordinates training among clubs in South London and North/West Kent, so that candidates can plan their courses ahead with scheduled dates. Details of the current training time table can be found here