Training for the Amateur Radio Licence

Licensed radio amateurs enjoy many privileges not available to those using licence-exempt equipment like Citizens Band and Personal Mobile Radio. Within the UK there are three levels of licence: Foundation, Intermediate and Full. Full details of what each level involves is available on the RSGB website . The higher grades of licence offer extended privileges that include greater maximum transmitted power, additional frequency bands and more types of equipment.

Passing the Foundation Exam demonstrates you have mastered the skills and gained the experience necessary for Ofcom, the UK communications regulatory authority, to grant your first Amateur Radio Licence with your own unique call sign. Success at Intermediate and then Full Licence level grants the licence holder addition rights.

West Kent ARS is not currently running courses, but it does actively support its new members who are studying for their licences. We can provide a full support package that assigns new members who request it their own individual mentor. The mentor can help them to:

  • find a suitable exam study method: on-line, at a local club or home study
  • ask questions that the course may not have fully answered
  • join training seminars and practical demonstrations on the club’s Zoom channel
  • participate in workshop sessions and in club operating sessions
  • get advice on equipment and aerials suitable for their location, and
  • see them through to getting on the air and beyond.

We believe that a key part of this support for a newly licenced amateur comes after their exam success. This post-exam support ensures that the new licensee gets on the air smoothly and rapidly becomes confident “on the air”.

For more information on training please contact

South East Tutors.
West Kent ARS is a member of the South East Tutors training group, which co-ordinates training among clubs in South London and North/West Kent, so that candidates can plan their courses ahead with scheduled dates. Details of the current training time table can be found here.