Contests and West Kent ARS

The Society participates in a number of contests throughout the the year. These are multi-operator events designed to be entered by clubs or contest groups. The Society has two club calls that it generally uses: G1WKS and G3WKS.

These events give the opportunity for licenced amateurs to test their operating skill, equipment and team organisational skills. Apart from being great fun, they are a chance to work with and spend time with other West Kent ARS members for a whole weekend in the case of the longest contests. Contests are one of the few ways in which the Society can build its profile by moving up the rankings in the south east of England, the UK and for some contests worldwide.

They can offer the chance to work rare stations and long distance stations (DX) particularly when working portably, when background noise is much lower.

Contest operators are always being sought by the Contest Co-ordinators to increase the number of available operators. Training and help will readily be made available to new licencees and operators who have not entered contests before. Experienced CW operators and datamode (RTTY/PSK63) contesters are also particularly sought currently.

The main RSGB contest series that the Society enters are:

. RSGB Affiliated Society (AFS) series (including Club Calls)

. RSGB Club Championship (CC) series

. HF Field Day (when we have a large enough CW team)

. SSB Field Day

. RSGB Autumn Series

. VHF UKAC series

. 50MHz Trophy Contest

. VHF Field Day

. 144MHz Trophy Contest

These provide for home and field operation, operation on bands from 160m to 23cm and a range of modes including CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK63. Contest duration ranges from 1.5 – 24 hours.