Meetings and Contests

WKARS Club Meetings
After months of meetings being held using Zoom throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, our Monthly Meetings resumed face to face at Bidborough from May 2022.

West Kent ARS Monthly Meetings are normally held at Bidborough Village Hall
(map on About page) on the second Monday at 8pm.

Next Club Meeting:

8 August: Natter Night No specific event planned for August due to holidays but come & enjoy a pleasant evening at the village hall, discussing what we could have done if we only had the time to do it!

Future Meetings

12 September: “The KW story” Steve G3ZPS returns to tell us about the rise and fall of the “KW Company” from Dartford, whose equipment is still much sought after many years down the line.

Future Contests & Events

VHF Monthly Affiliated Club Contests

Our next major contest for your calendar is the HF SSB field day and 2m Trophy contests that run concurrently over the 3rd & 4th September. Volunteers for setting up, operating and taking down will be sought nearer the time, but please consider what you could do to help the club in some way with this weekend. Even if you cannot get to site, an on-air contact with the club station would be appreciated and help to raise our score if only by a few points.

Recent Meetings & Events

11 July: “Rig power, Noise, Interference and EMP”, Chris G6HTH gave us some useful tips on keeping RF out of the Shack, amply illustrated with hardware examples for minimising noise from mains & DC power supplies, modern economical lighting and those now indispensable accessories in the shack; Computers and the Internet & ADSL Included was a spectacular demonstration of the hazards of under-sized DC power cables.

2-3 July’22: The Club took part in the 24hr RSGB VHF National Field Day from Crundalls again, thanks to Richard G8CDD. Although some regulars were away that weekend, we ran 2 SSB stations; one on 6m & 4m with a 7 element dual band beam, and the second on 2m using a stacked pair of 11 element beams.
Scores await adjudication but we made 20 QSOs in 4 countries on 6m (ODX PA4VHF at 458km) and 18 on 4m (2 countries, ODX EI9E at 516km). The 2m station made 88 QSOs into 9 countries (ODX DR2B at 820km).
Many thanks to those who helped setting up on Friday evening and taking down on Sunday afternoon & Monday morning, particularly those who had been unable to join us to operate.18-19 June’22: RSGB 50 MHz Contest Oganised by Keith G4JED, the Club entered the 6hr Open section in this 24hr Contest, from Crundalls by courtesy of Richard G8CDD.
Saturday was dreadfully flat but Sporadic-E’s on Sunday morning livened it up.
Click to see the Station and Operators in the cold light of day!
Following ajudication, West Kent ARS came a very creditable 4th out of 14 clubs in that category, thanks to all that helped with this contest, including the very good supporting team for the setting up and taking down. See the Certificate here .
The log from that 50MHz contest was also submitted by Les G6UBM into the WAB 6m contest that was running at the same time and, as a result, the Club has been awarded 1st place in the Club & Multi-operator category.
13 June ’22: Pre loved Equipment Sale. Run by Dave, G4OTV, this was an opportunity to get some money for those bits and pieces no longer used. Of the 82 lots, 49 sold for £564, raising £109.25 for Club funds, pleasing buyers & sellers alike.
9 May ’22 : Steve Venner G0TAN, “Life on the other side”. A fascinating insight into the issues & problems faced in ML&S workshops from customers & suppliers worldwide.
7 – 8th May ’22: GB2NW Mills-on-the-Air at Nutley Windmill on the Ashdown Forest, with 4 stations; where the main station, using the Club’s new FTdx10 on 40m, made 158 contacts, 19 with other Mill stations including one in the Netherlands. The VHF station on 2m FM made 18 contacts, 3 with other Mills & one with a French station in Normandy. In addition, on the Saturday, Mark M6MSF ran QRP CW making 8 contacts into 5 countries, and Matt M0CUV on FT8 had made 15 contacts in 5 countries.
11 Apr’22: Annual General Meeting:
(Switched from face-to-face at Bidborough to Zoom to ensure quorum of 15 was met)
14 Mar’22: Steve G3ZPS talk (on Zoom) “Old Ham Radio Gear, why the hell do we bother” brought back many memories of gear used in yesteryears.


In addition to the regular weekly Club Nets; Monday evening on 145.375 MHz FM & Sunday morning on 28.730 MHz SSB (see sidebar for details), Members and others might be interested to note some other local nets being run:
+ each morning, Monday to Saturday, starting at 09:00 local time on 145.575 MHz FM
+ on most evenings starting at 20:00 local time, variously on 2m FM, 6m SSB & even sometimes through GB3CK to encourage use of our local repeaters.
All radio amateurs are welcome to join any of these nets.

Concerned that Nets might appear a bit daunting to some newcomers, or even exclusive, RSGB are encouraging more use of the VHF calling frequencies in Region 10 to give regular opportunities for individuals to get a QSO.
Please put a CQ call out on Wednesday evenings between 8 &10pm, and Sunday morning between 10am & noon local time.