Welcome to West Kent Amateur Radio Society

Update: Our Monthly Meetings resumed with one in December 2021, although 2022 so far will be via Zoom. Please revisit this page at regular intervals as the date will be published here with more detail on the Meetings page.
Next Meeting: 10 Jan 2022 – Zoom – Auction of SK items.
Read our Month on the Air for Jan 2022.

We are a local radio society of over 40 members who, in normal non-COVID times, meets monthly in Bidborough.  Our membership comes mainly from licenced radio amateurs and those who are working towards being amateurs.  Our current Members tend to live in and around Tonbridge, Crowborough, Paddock Wood, Hildenborough and Tunbridge Wells but prospective members from further afield are always very welcome to join us.

In addition to our monthly meetings which frequently have a speaker, some members also meet twice a month for practical sessions which involve an activity such as: building equipment; learning Morse; or software programming.

We organise evening and weekend activities which often includes contest working, generally from fixed stations in the winter months but including some portable operating in the summer months using the Society’s own equipment, tents, aerials and generator.

We hold periodic social events and set up demonstration/special event stations to introduce others to the world of amateur radio.

Joining the Society
Membership is open to all with an interest in the hobby, whether licensed or not.  Further details regarding joining West Kent ARS and a membership application form can be found here. 

You are welcome to come to a few of the society’s formal meetings before you decide whether to join. We offer family membership and a discounted rate is available for those still in full time education.